Monday, September 6, 2010


I'm here to rant and rave to the diaper companies about the natural disaster, the poosplosion! I've seen it blogged about and talked about on message boards so I know it's a wide spread problem and you moms of little ones know what I'm talking about.  For those of you who don't, poopslosion is exactly what it sounds explosion of yellow, seedy, sticky baby poo!  It comes out the legs holes and even up the back and out the top of the diaper.  I usually like to include pictures in all my blogs, but I'll spare you the visuals this time...

We've tried every combination of brand and size of diapers and none seem to be able to contain the poopslplosion. So my question is why haven't these diaper makers figured this out yet?! There's got to be some creative invention these diaper engineers can come up with to contain this phenomenon; I don't know what it would be, I'm no engineer. 

The brand that seems to have figured it out the best so far is the Up & Up brand by Target.  Maybe its just the way they fit Boogie's long torso (inherited from mom) and tiny butt (definitely not inhertited from mom) that they are able to create a pocket enclosure for the poop.  We've still had poopsplosions with this brand, just much fewer. 

So, to you experienced mommies out there....any advice??

I will share the one piece of advice I have on this issue for any soon-to-be mommies out there.  Always keep an easy-to-wash blanket (ie: receiving blanket) between baby and any other surface.  After cleaning clothing, couches, bedding, etc...I've learned this one the hard way.

If they can figure out how to cap a major oil spill, they've got to be able to figure out how to cap the poosplosion!


  1. HA! Yeah, I wish I had a magical answer to this one. It never faileD with Sassy when she was a baby- if I dressed her in anything white (which was rare, anyway) she would have poop up the back within seconds. Then, it's so hard to remove the clothing without getting it even more places than it already is (namely HAIR). YUCK!

  2. Hahaha!! I personally like Pampers Swaddlers. We haven't had too many issues. Huggies were a HUGE mess for us though - even Peesplosions!!

  3. You asked, so I have to answer. Cloth. I'm serious. Cloth diapers hold in poop better than any other diaper. Ever.

    They aren't hard to wash. Breastmilk poo comes out easily.