Saturday, July 30, 2011

picture perfect hamburger...

Still a princess!!

Yes, we had our 3D u/s on Thursday and the tech said definitely a girl! "A picture perfect hamburger"  I think were her exact words....

So, that's a relief! We don't have to return all that pink stuff that's piling up in her room and we don't have to explain to our son why his first u/s pictures say "it's a girl!"

Just like Boogie, she had her hands up by her face the whole time, which made it hard to get good pictures.

She's currently breach with her butt down and feet up by her face.

Yes, that makes me a little concerned, but it's still early.  She's got time to flip. I'm definitely a lot more uncomfortable this time around.  Boogie was so low and head down almost the entire time.  With her being breach and her head shoved up under my rib cage, there's really no room for food in my belly and breathing is a little difficult.

It's funny how seeing her sweet little face suddenly makes it so real that she's on her way.  Added to the fact that today marks the beginning of our third trimester means she's on her way really soon! We've been so distracted with this bathroom remodel and the day-to-day craziness of having a 13 month old running around (literally running!) that we are so unprepared for baby girl!! We haven't even started on her room yet; it's still an office!! And there's so much stuff we still need.  You'd think that because we just had a baby, that we wouldn't need anything....but, because we did JUST have a baby that means we need 2 of everything; crib, highchair, car seat, double stroller....I'm starting to get stressed just thinking about everything we still need to do. (that nesting instinct is finally kicking in!!).  One thing we do have checked off the 'to-do' list (and one of the most important items) is baby girl has a name!!! Nope, sorry, just like with Boogie, it's a secret till she's here!

On  a separate, but somewhat related update on the bathroom! The floor and shower walls have been rebuilt, there's tile on the floor of the bathroom area, the shower floor and part of the shower walls and the toilet is re-installed!! It's starting to look like a bathroom again and it looks really good! J is doing such an awesome job!

Monday marks the day I'm starting in on the nursery. I'm setting a personal goal to have to completed by the end of August!! We'll see how it goes....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today was the big day I got to chug the nasty drink, wait an hour and get my blood drawn....yes, the wonderful Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (ogtt!)!! 

Unfortunately, I am intimately familiar with this test. Yes, because this the the second time I've completed it for pregnancy in the last 1.5 years. BUT, more because of: Grad School, Advance Exercise Physiology Lab, Fall 2005.....

Both times I've completed this assessment for pregnancy I've had horrible flash backs of that wonderful class. We did the 3 hour version of the OGTT; chug an even bigger, nasty, sugar drink and take 4 blood draws in 3 hours time.  Maybe that doesn't sound too bad...but, I didn't yet mention that WE performed the blood draws. Yes, us terrified, first semester, inexperienced, grad students poking and prodding each other with everyone watching trying desperately to find a vein! Worst.Experience.Ever.......I say worst ever because I was lucky enough to have a note from my cardiologist excusing me from participating in the VO2max testing in the environmental chamber while measuring core temperature (if you don't know what that means, trust me, you never want to find out....). It was definitely hell to go through, but ended up being quite the bonding experience!

So, although I complain about the nasty, sugar drink I have to chug around week 26 of each's not so bad!! Now it's just a waiting game to find out if I passed....if not, then it's on to the 3 hour least this time I'll have a professional phlebotomist drawing my blood!

Oh, and little pumpkin is measuring right on target and had a HR of 150 :)

Edit: Got a call from the OB office just minutes after posting.  I passed my 1 hour!! (woohoo!!) But, my hemoglobin is low (gee, does that sound familiar??) so, more iron and vitamin C BUT I don't have to give up my McFlurries!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

iheartfaces: props...

This week's challenge over at iheartfaces is "props." I immediately thought of the prop we've been using for the past year to document Boogie's growth....him and his monkey....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

pictures of his little heart...

It's only 9:30am and it's been a long day already! Usually at this time we would just be finishing up breakfast and getting our day started, but today, we've been up since 6am!

As you may remember, at Boogie's 9 month appointment we found out that he is extremely anemic.  His Pedi started him on iron supplements and he has been taking them everyday since. Unfortunately, at his 12 month appointment we didn't see much improvement.  His hemoglobin levels are still well below where they should be. So, more iron and continuing on iron enriched formula and will check back again in 3 months.  Also, at his 12 month appointment his Pedi seemed to be taking an extra long time while listening to his heart.  I knew something wasn't right.  He finally looked up at me and said, "I definitely hear a heart murmur."  He said that in conjunction with his anemia issues, he was slightly concerned and wanted us to see a pediatric cardiologist. Of course, I cried the whole way home and immediately made an appointment at Children's Mercy.

So, that's where we spent our morning!! We arrived at the hospital around 7:30am.  Boogie got his blood pressure taken, an EKG and an Echocardiogram! He was such a champ.  We are blessed to have such a happy, easy-going little man. Just like everywhere else we go, he had all the nurses wrapped around his little finger in a heart-beat! Mommy on the other hand, not so easy going.  I cried watching him lay there for what seemed like hours as they took a million pictures of his little heart.  Nobody this small should have to be going through something like this!

After the doctor reviewed everything he came back with great news! There were no structural abnormalities with his heart and no arrythmias; just an innocent murmur! Something he may grow out of, something he may have forever, but nothing to be concerned about. As we drove away from the hospital I said "fingers crossed that we never, ever have to go back to that place!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

princess....or maybe prince....

Ever since our ultrasound at 18 weeks, I've been paranoid that the tech was wrong.  Those of you who know me well, know that I'm a high anxiety, worry-wart about everything anyway, but knowing the correct sex of your soon-arriving child seems like important information that even a normal person would worry about!

At the time, getting to meet our little princess (or maybe prince?) at 18 weeks instead of the usual 20 weeks seemed great! But, now it just makes me worried that it was too early to really know for sure! Plus, the sonographer didn't spend more than 30 seconds checking out 'the goods.' She snapped a quick, so-so picture, said "it's a girl" and moved on, never coming back 'just to make sure.'  Check out the picture for yourself. I'm no sonographer, but I do see the standard 3-lines indicating girl.......

Still, I don't think it's the greatest picture ever.....

I love to participate in a few pregnancy message boards; you know, chat with the ladies who are going through the same thing at the same time. Problem is: sometimes it stirs up my worry-wart tendencies!! Two different ladies now have been told one sex at their 20 week u/s, only to be told the complete opposite at a later u/s!! One lady had an almost identical '3-lines' picture at her 20 week u/s, then at 27 week u/s had a 100%, no doubt about it boy parts picture!! aaaahhh!!!!

As soon as I read that story and saw her pictures, I got on the phone and scheduled our 3D u/s!! I'm not going to rely on a so-so picture and 30 second guess! So on July 28th we get to see our little princess....or maybe prince??

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Boogie really enjoyed his first 'real' Independence Day celebration.  Last year, being only one week old, he didn't have a lot of team spirit or excitement to partake in the festivities (he pretty much slept through that whole day...).

This year, we started off the day at the Lenexa City Parade.

It was a beautiful morning, sunny and 80 degrees, and the crowds weren't bad at all.  The parade itself was nothing to write home about, just your typical holiday parade....started off with a bunch of politicians shaking hands and kissing babies, followed by endless girl/boy scout troops throwing candy, of course there were some Shriners in little cars and it concluded with about 100 people in costume promoting the KC Ren-Fest (Boogie, nor I, knew exactly what to think about that group of crazies!).

We came home for some lunch and major bathroom repair and destruction (that's a WHOLE-nother story for another time!).

In the afternoon, we took some family pictures (assignments for my photography class that actually turned out great!)

We debated for awhile whether Boogie was ready for staying up late and joining the crowds to watch fireworks.  I was worried they might be too loud and scary (like the, uh hum, vacuum cleaner!! aaahh!!!), but we decided to head out and give it a try.  Why I was worried, I don't know.  Just like everything else in life, Boogie LOVED the fireworks; pointing at them all and saying "boom!"