Tuesday, March 29, 2011

snap happy: challenge #4; green...

The 'inspiration' for this challenge was the beautiful country of New Zealand.  Maybe it was because we left brown, dead, frozen Kansas, but I was immediately awed by how green this country was. Since 'green' fits with the theme of March, I'll run with that as the 'theme' for this photo challenge.  I will admit that landscape photography is neither my passion nor my skill set, but below are my 'favs' from our trip.


back to reality...

Yes, it's been almost a month since my last post. I've been 'busy.'  Our trip to New Zealand (pics to come in a photo-blog post) took up much of March.  It's been almost a week and a half since we returned, but I still feel discombobulated (first time I've ever used that word, but it's the only word that truly describes how I feel).  I've had a hard time getting back to reality;  I can't figure out which way is up.  Apparently, spending a week upside down on the other side of the world really messes with your head! But, I think I finally feel like I can at least make complete sentences....

Last week was Boogie's 9 month appointment and it didn't go so well.  He's still a little munch-kin at 17lbs4oz (7%) and 27in(14%).  The doctor wasn't worried at all about his size.  He said after six months it's genetics that start to kick in, so....he's just a little squirt like his momma! Unfortunately, he's just like his momma in another way...we found out that Boogie is extremely anemic. His hemoglobin levels were at 8.8 (normal range is 11-16). His doctor seemed pretty concerned and actually upset because it's something that should have been caught at his first exam in the hospital (a different doctor from a different practice rounded on him in the hospital) which upset me even more as well. And, of course, the one time we get 'bad' news is the one appointment that J couldn't be at and I had to go through by myself.  I know it's nothing we did wrong, it's just genetics, but it made me cry and feel helpless; like I was a bad mommy or something. Treatment for now is 2 servings of meat/day and 2 doses of iron drops/day.  We'll check his levels again at his 12 month appointment.   Other than being a little squirt and having his mommy's blood, the doctor was really impressed with his development (his crawling, standing, cruising, talking, talking and talking, sleeping habits and eye tracking).

Here's my 'little squirt' at 9 months :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

snap happy: challenge #3; the aftermath...

Yes, it's been two weeks since my last photo challenge post, but I did two in my first week so I consider my goal accomplished so far! This week's inspiration came from a previous challenge at streetphotographynow.

"Show us the Aftermath":


This morning, while lying in bed SNUGGLING with my son, I started thinking back through the last eight months. For a moment I thought back to the day I posted this and the comment I received from 'anonymous.'  At the time, I wasn't surprised that some stranger thought she knew how to raise my son better than I did; thus is the world of the mommy-wars.  I was surprised that I let it get under my skin; that I let her make me question my ability to be a mommy.

Today, lying there snuggling, I actually laughed-out-loud.  Again, not at how wrong she was, but at myself for even doubting.  I am so blessed to have the happiest, most loving baby I've ever met.  Yes, I'm his mommy so I'm a little biased, but that is the single most common compliment I get from people (aside from 'look at those baby blues!") anywhere and everywhere we go.  Everyone comments on how happy he is.  Even the teachers at Gymboree and the nurses at his pediatrician's office (people who make a living out of meeting babies all day) say he's the happiest baby they've ever seen.

While I have to thank God everyday for blessing me with Boogie, I like to think that my mommy skills might have a little something to do with his constant smile :)

So for all you mommies out there: please don't let anyone make you question how you raise your babies. YOU are the momma! Generally, I refuse to engage, but in this mommy-battle: point for this momma!!