Friday, December 16, 2011

25 Days: HH Style, Day 16

Today started out great! We got a good amount of sleep last night, probably 6.5 hours?! So, everybody was rested and happy this morning. We actually got it together and were able to make it to a playgroup this morning; the first time in ages!! The momma who hosted has a baby girl who's just a week older than Pumpkin.  At first, Boogie was very confused by there being two babies, but then he kicked into big brother mode and started kissing and loving on both of them!

An update on yesterday's cookie making activity: the cookies turned out NOTHING like the picture (do they ever?).  Mine seriously looked like a 3 y/o made them, but they're pretty tasty so I guess that's all that really matters, right?

Since mommy got some girl time last night at our annual cookie exchange party/BUNCO night....daddy gets some boy time tonight to play poker; only seems fair I guess.  So, Boogie and I were on our own for today's activity.  (well, technically Pumpkin was here, but she's a little young to actually participate).

Day 16: Make Holiday Milkshakes
Well, we discovered that, yes, Boogie is still terrified of the blender!! At first, I wasn't going to let him partake in the milkshake enjoyment because he decided his carrots were better thrown than eaten, but he was so upset by the loud noise of the blender that I couldn't help but calm his tears with a little sip or two....speaking of the scary blender, I think it's officially time to retire it.  I totally wore it out making all of Boogie's baby food and it's never been the same since....and now it's leaking out the bottom. So, Santa, if you could bring me a new blender, that would be great...oh, and maybe a small food processor so I can make Pumpkin's food, cause apparently blenders just don't hold up to that amount of use....

OK, back to the milkshake....we used Hy-vee's Peppermint Twist ice cream and it was delicious (although, it was a little 'chunky' since the blender doesn't really "blend" anymore...)!!

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