Sunday, December 11, 2011

25 Days: HH Style, Day 10 & 11

Day 10: Dress up in Silly Clothes:
This activity was more for mommy and daddy (at least for this year!). Saturday night we went to the 'parents only Ugly Christmas" party with families from our playgroup.  We ate yummy food, drank adult beverages, got a break from the kiddos and most importantly wore amazing outfits....

We also played some silly games. The first one, of course J won...guess the # of M&M"s in the jar.  I'm sure he used one of his crazy math equations to figure it out....he was only off by 6 M&M's!! Another game the boys played was a competition to see who could make the best Christmas tree....with construction paper....without scissors....behind their backs....

We were all pretty impressed with their tree making skills!! It was a really great night and we've decided we need to do an "ugly" party for all the holidays! Up next...Valentine's Day??

Day 11: Go to Church Children's Christmas Musical
Mornings are crazy around here and getting out of the house before noon has been quite impossible lately, so that means, NO, we haven't been to church lately.  I was excited when I saw that the children's musical was going to be in the afternoon; finally, we could make an appearance at church!  The kids did a wonderful job with their acting and singing, portraying the Christmas Story.  Although Boogie was pretty tired (having skipped a nap today), he still had fun clapping and trying to sing along.  It made me really excited to think about our kiddos being up their on stage in a few years!!

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