Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We're 3 weeks into this now, but I still haven't totally wrapped my head around it. I guess it's the stages of "grief."  I'm kind of in that 'denial' stage.  Part of my brain is under the impression that this will all just go away, or the doctors will be like "oops! just kidding, he's not diabetic!"

But, I think, for the most part, my extremely (pathologically) logical portion of my brain has kicked into over drive.  I find myself constantly researching and planning and asking a million questions. I just want to make sure we do this right.  I want to make sure we give him the best shot at a completely normal life.  I did hours of research on apps for tracking all his numbers, on backpacks/bags for carrying all his necessities, on pumps and recent research, on ways to raise money for finding a cure.  We bought a brand new little tablet computer just for him; to download those apps I spent so much time researching, to keep track of everything possible, to manage this thing the best we can. I created a team to raise money for the local JDRF walk and already have multiple fundraising ideas in the works. Does this all make me extreme? Probably. Do I care? Nope! I want to set the example for Boogie, that we're not taking this thing lying down.  We're taking control from day one!! (OK, that was a little extreme....got a little carried away with the motivational speaking...)

Since I mentioned it, I'll go ahead and take this opportunity to shamelessly plug our JDRF walk team and give you the link if you feel compelled to donate to the cause or come out and join us on walk day to show moral support!! Head on over to our team page here: "Tucker Tough" and click "Donate to this team" or "Join this team."  We've got team t-shirts you can purchase here:  "Tucker Tough" T-Shirts  Super cute, right? :)

An update on Boogie:  After changing his Lantus (24 hour insulin) dose down to 1 last week, his BG (blood glucose) numbers jumped really high.  We tried giving it a few days to see if things would level out, but after 3 days of consistently being over 250, I called back and they changed his dose to 1.5.  The only negative about this change is that the Lantus pen (yes, it looks just like a pen, it holds the insulin, you put a needle on the tip of it and that's how you give him the insulin) doesn't do half units like his Humalog (short acting insulin) pen does.  So, this means we have to draw the insulin out of the pen with a syringe and give it to him from the syringe (an extra step and a much longer needle...ouch).  On the positive, side, 1.5 seems to be a good number so far.  We've had a few times he's crashed his BG down low, but he's staying in his target range on average.  He's most likely still in that 'honeymoon' phase, so we'll see how long the 1.5 works for...

He's got a really bad cold right now; running nose and wet cough.  My guess: lack of sleep! Waking up every night at midnight and 3am, sometimes having to be up for an hour at a time to get his BG levels stabilized....that will make anyone sick! Other than that, he's doing great! Same ornery, mile-a-minute two y/o he's always been!!

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