Monday, August 13, 2012

yay, for sleeping...

We had Boogie's two week follow up with his new endocrinologist this morning.  I can't believe it's already been two weeks since his diagnosis! It's amazing how this has all just become part of normal life already!

The diabetes educator and the doctor both gave us rave reviews on how we are managing Boogie's care.  They were very pleased to see we were monitoring his glucose (checking 8-10x/day) like we were told to and making sure he's eating well balanced meals.  They were both almost shocked to see we were following doctor's orders?  They both said things to the affect of 'you'd be surprised how many parents come in and don't have any glucose readings' saying things like "oh, yea, I think we checked it yesterday..."  or "I'm often in shock as to what the parents say they're feeding their child." WHAT?!?! Who are these parents?  I cannot wrap my head around this.  A doctor has just told you that your child has a life long disease.  A disease that if not managed carefully and correctly can be DEADLY and you just...don't care??!?!  This angers me beyond belief.  Yes, I'm a rule follower and, yes, I can be a little OCD and over the top about things, but when it comes to my child's child's LIFE, can there be any other way??

[Stepping off my soap box...]

Overall, I was very pleased with our educator and Boogie's new endocrinologist, Dr. Musick. [we changed doctor's only so that we can go to Children's Mercy South and not have to drive downtown all the time].  She was very supportive and positive.  She had a good rapport with Boogie and kept telling him how he can do/be anything he wants to be....well, except for a long haul truck driver or be in the army...but, anything else!  She was pleased to see that his numbers were falling into a good pattern.  She agreed that he was still in that "honeymoon" phase and thus, we've decreased his long-acting insulin to just 1 unit/day (down from 2 units/day).  As long as things are looking good after a few days, we can stop doing the overnight glucose checks (midnight and 3am)! So, yay for sleeping again!! I think that will put us all in a better mood because us Hupps are grumps without our sleep! He's still jumping really high after breakfast so we've decreased that insulin ratio to 1/20.  Other than that, everything looks great and we'll be back in 3 months!

Oh, and I'm pleased to report that C-Monk is crawling!! Yes, crawling, like up on hands and knees crawling!! It took her awhile, but she finally got there :)  I guess it's on to walking next....yikes!!

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