Wednesday, December 7, 2011

25 Days: HH Style, Day 7

Sorry it's a little later than usual for the daily update...mommy got to take a shower tonight!!

Before I get to the activity re-cap for today, I have to mention dinner! I found this recipe for Ham & Cheese Sliders and knew J would love them!  As with most recipes I find, I customized a little bit (no Miracle Whip, no poppy seeds and definitely NO ONION!!) and I only made 10, not 24!! For a side dish; baked cheesy potato rounds (simple, easy...slice, butter and garlic bake for 30 minutes at 350...add cheese in the last 2 minutes of baking, YUM!). But, back to the's been a long time since I've seen J devour something like that! I think his words were "a sophisticated, delicious sandwich, yet it's still just ham and cheese!!" I have to agree...they were delicious!

OK, onto the day's activity....
Day 7: Watch a Christmas Movie
I didn't check the TV lineup before putting this card in today's envelope (note to self: plan better next year)....So, we were limited to what is available to watch instantly on Netflix. We chose The Happy Elf, this choice was solely based on the fact that it was available, kid friendly and only 45 minutes long (about the extent of Boogie's attention span when it comes to things like this). I was fairly pleased with the choice, short and to the point, good story, an Elf named Tucker and apparently a fairly famous "cast." Since we now keep the Wii (our device for accessing Netflix) in our room, we all snuggled on the bed to watch...and we used the timer on the camera for the first time so we could all be in the picture... 

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