Sunday, December 4, 2011

25 Days: HH Style, Day 4

Today was a pretty typical Sunday. Spent most of the day hanging out and watching football, including an ugly Chiefs victory over the Bears!! As for my Colts, they put up a pretty decent showing, but as they say "there's always next year..."

But, moving on to the task at hand....Day 4 of the 25 Days: HH style...

Day 4: Write a Letter to Santa
Yes, I realize my kiddos are a little young to write their own letters to Santa, or even understand who this jolly fat man is, but the traditions must start somewhere.  I think I know my kids well enough to know what they would write if they could.....

Boogie's letter reads:
Dear Santa,
I'm really excited for Christmas this year. My mommy says I get to go meet you this year! I think I've been a good boy. My little sister was just born and I like to help mommy take care of her and give her kisses.  I also like to help clean up and throw away trash. Please bring me basketball stuff and cars!

Pumpkin's letter reads:
Dear Santa,
I'm new here. I was just born in October so this is my first Christmas. My mommy says I should write you to let you know I've been a good girl so far. Please bring me anything pink! My big brother has filled this house with trucks and dirt!

Mommies and Daddies, if you haven't checked out the website you should! It includes tons of games, activities, recipes and other Santa related things to do.  It also has a place where you can email Santa!! Yes, the jolly 'ole man is keeping up with the times and you can now get your letters to him in lightning speed.  And the best part?? He'll write you back!! Or so says the little elf that responded after I sent the kiddos' letters.  Santa's busy, so the elf said to give him 3 days to respond.  We're anxiously awaiting his reply!

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