Saturday, February 4, 2012

G is for...


Any new parents knows exactly who this is....Sophie the Giraffe. Supposedly the "world's best teething toy." I've been very skeptical.  It's really more like a glorified dog toy; squeaker and all.  And with a $20+ price tag there was NO WAY I was investing in this marketing ploy.  But, while visiting our new nephew, who is a privileged little peanut to own this toy.....C-Monk!!

I'm sold.  I'll bite.  There is truly something magical about this tiny giraffe. I don't know if it's the shape, the texture, the ANNOYING squeaker, but once she got her little hands on it, she would not let go! Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she drooled and chewed all over it (yes, we sanitized before returning it to it's rightful owner). So, the first chance I get....I'll be off to BRU to buy, their little smiles get you every time!

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