Monday, April 18, 2011

please accept my apologies...

I apologize for being absent; absent from blogging, absent from the social calendar, absent from human existence...but, I just haven't felt good! I hate to complain because I've been lucky with both of my pregnancies that my 1st trimester 'morning sickness' has never been the 'head-in-the-toilet-24/7' type.  Just like with Boogie, this time it's been extreme exhaustion and a constant state of nausea.  Chasing around my very mobile 9 month old has taken all of the energy I could muster up over the past couple months.  I manged to keep food on the table and our house just clean enough that it's better than living in a tent outside, but that's about it. So, again, I apologize to anyone who has entered our house in the last couple months, I can't imagine the thoughts that must have run through your mind....we don't usually live in this amount of squalor, I promise.

I am now 13 weeks, 2 days and just like with Boogie, as soon as I made this transition into trimester #2 I feel like a totally different woman!  I'm still tired and not ready to attempt a marathon anytime soon, but I think I can handle my daily duties of being mother, wife, cook, housekeeper, etc. Of course now I have to work double time in trying to catch up on the the housework and get this place into livable conditions again!

I also apologize for slacking on the photo-blog scene as well.  But, I just haven't felt inspired or motivated at all to be quite honest! Hopefully now that my energy is returning and the weather is looking brighter I can start my journey again.  I just enrolled in a photo class through JCCC for this summer. Although I've tried to make my photo journey focus on things other than the adorable Boogie, the course I'm taking in focused on photographing people, so you're just going to have to look at his cute little face a little more :)

Here's to hoping this new found energy is here to stay and I can rejoin human existence again and get life back  on track. So, again, please accept my apologies...

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