Tuesday, December 11, 2012

25 Days: HH Style, Day 9 & 10

Day 9: Go to Church Children's Musical
        Go to Kansas City Symphony Holiday Show

We had a little change of plans for today.  I was excited about going to the Children's Holiday Musical at church again as Boogie loved it last year, but we ended up having a great opportunity as well.  Edward Jones partners with the KC Symphony each year to offer special performances, invite only, to EJ employees and clients.  J has been sending clients for 4 years now, but we've never gone.  He ended up with two extra tickets this year so we decided to have a little date night and go!  It was a great time.  We got to check out the new [well, I guess it's not all THAT new anymore] Kaufman Center; which is beautiful, got to get dressed up and hit the town!  The show was great and we even got to perform with the Symphony! [well, they did a little sing-a-long section with everyone, but it sounds better saying we got to perform with them...]

Day 10: Have a Christmas Music Dance Party

I don't know what to say about this activity other than it was a total failure.  My kiddos LOVE to dance; I thought this activity was a shoe-in to go over well.  But, both kiddos were total grouchy pants all day. Sissy just wanted to suck her thumb and snuggle [which I'm not necessarily complaining about]...
 And Boogie just pouted in the corner...
On another note...Did you know that elves bathe in candy?? Who would have thought?

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