Tuesday, December 11, 2012

25 Days: HH Style; Day 7 & 8

Day 7: Take Family Photos by the Tree

[apparently I forgot to take a picture of the activity card for this day, oops...]

I really like this tradition.  Nothing fancy, just us in our jammies, seeing how everyone grows and changes year to year...

Daddy and the kiddos had a little story time by the tree before family pictures. One of Boogie's favorite books right now is "Are You Grumpy, Santa?" I have to agree, it's pretty cute, especially since Boogie can "read" the whole thing to us :)

Boogie thought the timer on the camera was the coolest thing ever [which made it hard to get him to sit still]. He thought it was hilarious to watch mommy push the button and then RUN to get in the picture!

This morning, Boogie again broke down into tears when he couldn't find Waffles.  He stopped still in his tracks in the kitchen, gave me that long, slow pout and burst into tears "Waffles!! Where are you?!" I tried my best to calm him down and distract him by saying "why don't we get some breakfast and then we'll look for her." I opened the cabinet door and Boogie jumped and screamed. "WAFFLES!!!!" And all was right in the world again...

Day 8: Visit Santa

I'll start with the Adventures of Waffles for today.  She got quite acrobatic last night.  Boogie spent a great deal of the day trying to hang upside down as well....

Today we had our Christmas Party with the families from our playgroup.  A pot-luck brunch and guess who made a special appearance?? Santa!!! I'll be honest, I'm a little skeptical.  I'm not sure it was really the Jolly Ol' Fat Man himself.  First of all, he really wasn't all that Jolly.  I would actually describe him more as grumpy and even creepy....but, the kids loved him! Actually, that's not true at all. The kids were terrified of him!  Sissy did pretty well with him though.  She's pretty chill and having a big brother has made her a pretty tough cookie so....creepy Santa ain't no thang!
Despite the shady Craigslist Santa, we had a GREAT time with all of our friends.  I can't say enough how truly blessed I am to have found these incredible mommies and their families!

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