Monday, December 3, 2012

25 Days: HH Style 2012, Day 3

Day 3: Watch a Christmas Movie

Surprisingly, this activity did not go over well (at least not yet!).  Boogie is usually down for a movie any time you suggest it. Except today of course.  Maybe it's because we tried watching a couple of the old school Rudolph movies (which I've always thought were a little creepy) instead of Shrek or Toy Story or maybe he was just too ornery to sit still today.  But, I do have National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation recording from ABC Family right now, so as soon as this silly football game is over, J and I can watch! By far my favorite Christmas movie...not sure why we don't own it?! [Dear Santa...]

Definitely the more exciting activity today was bath time! I may have been a little heavy handed with the fresh bottle of bubble bath.....Tucker hopped into the tub and yelled "snow!!!"  It really did look like mountains of snow had taken over the bath tub.  Both kiddos loved making bubble beards and mustaches and hats and rubbing bubbles all over the walls...

And Waffles. Oh, Waffles.....we had our first meltdown in regards to Waffles.  Boogie came downstairs this morning and went right the tree where Waffles was yesterday and yelled "Waffles!! Where's Waffles!" J and I tried explaining that she moves to a different place everyday, but Boogie was too stunned.  He burst into tears when he couldn't find her.  Looks like we may have some issues with separation anxiety when Waffles has to return to the North Pole until next year....

We finally got Boogie calmed down and helped him look around to find Waffles.....there she is!!

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