Wednesday, June 22, 2011

stuck on the couch...

Yes, I'm stuck on the couch right now. No, don't worry, I'm not on ordered bed rest or anything, but baby girl has decided to take up camp right on a nerve and any attempt to move/stand is followed by collapsing pain. So, I figured I'd stay seated right here and update the blog!

We spent this past weekend in St. Louis for J's summer regional meeting. Let me just sum up the weekend by saying Boogie had the time of his life (and mommy is exhausted from chasing my little energizer bunny for 4 days)!!

We arrived at the Chase Park Plaza hotel early Thursday afternoon for the welcome meeting.  Immediately Boogie became the life of the party; smiling and laughing at everyone and reaching out to every woman that passed like saying "I know I'm so cute don't you want to hold me?!" During the evening meeting presented by the company big-wig, Boogie stayed in the childcare station where he proceeded to have every babysitter and every "big kid" wrapped around his little finger!

On Friday night we all got the attend the Royals' game at Busch stadium!! 3 full buses of Royals fans invaded two party suites to watch the Royals victory over the Cardinals! The game didn't start till after 7 and I was worried Boogie wouldn't make it much past the 4th or 5th inning, boy was I wrong!! That kid had so much fun; dancing to the music, cheering and screaming with the fans and of course being passed around from one person to the next! The game went until after 10pm and even after we returned to the hotel he was ready to play for another 45 minutes!
"Yay! Go Royals!"
Saturday afternoon we got to go to the St. Louis Zoo where Boogie fell in love with the elephants.  As soon as he saw one he started making elephant sounds and didn't stop throughout the rest of the zoo! (of course, he came home with a stuffed elephant to commemorate the occasion).  Saturday evening was the formal awards dinner, so Boogie again entertained everyone in the childcare station.
He even loved the elephant water feature!
Sunday morning at breakfast, person after person came up to us saying "I saw Boogie do this" or "did you know he did that?"  As one person put it "we all have a Boogie story from this weekend!"

So, yes, Boogie was the star of the show this weekend and capped it off by coming home with his very first tooth!!

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