Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a bittersweet goodbye....

We are sad to say, we have recently found a new home for our little Stewie.  This is hard enough so spare me the judge-mental comments please! Just trust that we have Stewie's best interest at heart and we did not come to this decision lightly or without attempts to fix the situation.

For those of you who don't know, Stewie was our pure-bred, 5 y/o corgi.  He was born in March of 2006 and came to live with us in May of that year.  He has been a great dog and true member of this family; after all, he was our first 'child.' He's always had a spunky, yet quirky personality. Definitely one-of-a-kind. Athletics have never been his strong suit and he's the biggest scaredy cat you'll ever meet. But, he's loving and loyal and down right hilarious to be around.

Unfortunately, Stewie had a very difficult time adjusting to our new family dynamic.  Ever since Boogie came home, Stew hadn't been the same.  He became depressed, resentful, snippy and just downright unhappy. We never thought that having to divide our love and attention would cause Stewie to react this way and he showed no signs of bouncing back.

After various interventions, we decided to start looking for a new home for him.  All we wanted was for him to be the happy-go-lucky Stew we all know.  Dropping him at a shelter or something of the like was NOT an option.  We wanted to find him a home, a family. We contacted his breeder, our kennel and other local organizations to help with the process.  We had a lot of interest and response, but nothing was seeming to fit quite right.

Then we got a message from a family in Emporia.  It was like our prayers had been answered; it was the exact situation I had dreamed of for our little Stewie.  An empty nest couple who have a 5 y/o corgi that was also acting depressed. They were looking for a playmate for him in hopes it would cheer him up.  They came to visit Stewie here and fell in love.  Over the long Memorial weekend, while we were out of town, they took Stewie to their house for a 'trial run' to make sure the boys got along.  The message we got on our return said "Stewie and Spenser(their corgi) are getting along famously.  Spenser's whining is at an all time low and they are like two long lost brothers."  This is definitely a bittersweet goodbye. We will miss our quirky little Stew, but couldn't be more excited about his new home and new family. They are excited about keeping in touch and updating us on the "adventures of Stewie and Spenser" and have invited us to visit anytime....

Here are some pics of our little Stewart throughout the years:

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  1. You're doing the right thing! We're really lucky our dogs have adjusted to Harrison. But my parents' dogs are a whole other story... I'm glad you were able to find him a great home!!!