Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I don't know if it's the teething or just a new stage, but my independent baby has become a snuggle-saurus. As I mentioned last week, he has been a "self-soother" for a long time.  Anytime we would try to snuggle or rock him to sleep it just made him more upset.  He would kick and throw himself around and scream.  He's never liked the feeling of being 'confined' I guess (since day one, he would ALWAYS bust out of the swaddle)...
That's when I made, what I would consider, an UN-selfish decision of letting him soothe himself to sleep.  He would fuss for awhile, but never scream and yell like he did when we tried the rocking/bouncing thing. I had come to terms with the fact that, when it came to sleepy time, he just wasn't the snuggle-type (kinda like his momma, I can't stand to have anyone touching me when I'm trying to sleep)....
BUT, for the past few days when putting him down for naps/bedtime he's been a grouchy pants. For now, he enjoys rocking in our new glider (BEST craiglist purchase ever BTW). He still doesn't like to be "held," but rather just lay on mommy till he dozes off to dreamland.  I'm sad because Boogie is upset and possibly in pain from the teething, but I'm enjoying my little snuggle-saurus :)

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