Sunday, September 5, 2010

Olathe: The Windy City

Since we didn't make it down to the lake for Labor Day weekend, we thought we'd at least go have a wonderful family day in the park.  The plan was picnic and family pictures by the beautiful fountains and trees in Stagecoach Park in Olathe. We got delicious subs and pasta from the good ole Mr. Goodcents and headed across the street to the park.  There were some locals playing drums and bongos in the picnic shelter, really random, but made for some good background music. We spread out the blanket by the water and snuggled in for our happy family picnic. There were a few other people fishing by the pond, but for the most part, we had the park to ourselves. We soon found out why the park was so deserted....Well, apparently Olathe is now The Windy City.  The crazy wind kind of ruined our plans and cut our outting short.  We did get a few good pics though....

Boogie was a little jealous of the yummy food daddy had

Oh! That lip gets me every time!!

Boogie started to get grouchy and sleepy
And he was passed out by the time we got back to the car.
There are some really cool fountains and trees in this park so hopefully we'll get back there when it's not so windy to get some more family pics!

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  1. Love it! It's really super windy here too. We just went fishing and caught nothing!