Thursday, March 22, 2012

O is for...

Yes, my little man is getting old.  I can't believe he's not my little baby anymore.  He'll be 21 months on Monday.  That just sounds so old. He's a walking, talking, basketball playing, Goldfish eating, snuggle machine! He truly has become a little "man." So handsome!

And check out my baby girl!
All that wrinkly newborness is gone!  She's all baby now.  Chunky thighs, big blue eyes, sweet smile and even little giggles. Man, they grow too fast! [don't worry, I'm not getting baby fever!]

Speaking of getting main squeeze turns 29 today.  Unfortunately, next to my 3-0, that 2-9 sounds so young! I won't get too sappy on you, but I will say I'm a pretty lucky girl to have him in my life and my kiddos are the luckiest kiddos in the world; they have the world's best daddy!

To show their love for their daddy they put together a very special gift....the gift of quality time. I created a "date kit" for each kiddo to spend some special time with daddy.

Boogie's "Daddy-Son Date" kit is all about a fort building movie night, complete with sheets, string, clothes pins and of course some yummy movie snacks...
C-Monk's "Daddy-Daughter Date" kit is all about spending some time in the sun planting pretty flowers, complete with flower pot, seeds, soil, watering can and, of course, a cute sun hat [for baby, not daddy]...
Can't wait for them to spend their special one-on-one time together, but of course I'll sneak in and take some pictures :)

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