Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The bathroom makeover is complete!! I have to say, J did an amazing job!! It all looks great and now every time I take a shower I feel like I'm in some fancy hotel :) We still have some wall and trim repair/painting to do, but that's it....now on to Pumpkin's nursery!! Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks her room will be ready! Here are all the before and afters:

vanity floor before (carpet, yuck!)
walls before (boring beige)
Vanity Floor After (tile!)
walls after (grey!)

Vanity/mirror before (boring!)
Vanity/Mirror After (mirror trim and new lights!)
Faucets before (80's!!)
Faucets after (shiny!)

Toilet area before (linoleum and boring beige)

Toilet area after (tile and grey!)
shower area floor before (linoleum!)
shower area floor after (tile!!)

Shower before (fiberglass pre-made insert and ugly doors!)
Shower After (tile and clear doors!)

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