Saturday, July 30, 2011

picture perfect hamburger...

Still a princess!!

Yes, we had our 3D u/s on Thursday and the tech said definitely a girl! "A picture perfect hamburger"  I think were her exact words....

So, that's a relief! We don't have to return all that pink stuff that's piling up in her room and we don't have to explain to our son why his first u/s pictures say "it's a girl!"

Just like Boogie, she had her hands up by her face the whole time, which made it hard to get good pictures.

She's currently breach with her butt down and feet up by her face.

Yes, that makes me a little concerned, but it's still early.  She's got time to flip. I'm definitely a lot more uncomfortable this time around.  Boogie was so low and head down almost the entire time.  With her being breach and her head shoved up under my rib cage, there's really no room for food in my belly and breathing is a little difficult.

It's funny how seeing her sweet little face suddenly makes it so real that she's on her way.  Added to the fact that today marks the beginning of our third trimester means she's on her way really soon! We've been so distracted with this bathroom remodel and the day-to-day craziness of having a 13 month old running around (literally running!) that we are so unprepared for baby girl!! We haven't even started on her room yet; it's still an office!! And there's so much stuff we still need.  You'd think that because we just had a baby, that we wouldn't need anything....but, because we did JUST have a baby that means we need 2 of everything; crib, highchair, car seat, double stroller....I'm starting to get stressed just thinking about everything we still need to do. (that nesting instinct is finally kicking in!!).  One thing we do have checked off the 'to-do' list (and one of the most important items) is baby girl has a name!!! Nope, sorry, just like with Boogie, it's a secret till she's here!

On  a separate, but somewhat related update on the bathroom! The floor and shower walls have been rebuilt, there's tile on the floor of the bathroom area, the shower floor and part of the shower walls and the toilet is re-installed!! It's starting to look like a bathroom again and it looks really good! J is doing such an awesome job!

Monday marks the day I'm starting in on the nursery. I'm setting a personal goal to have to completed by the end of August!! We'll see how it goes....

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