Sunday, February 13, 2011

catch up...

I guess it's time to play a little catch up in the world of Boogie...

We've tried and tried and have successfully regained some of our BFing capabilities!  As you may remember, it seemed that after our vacation it may have been the end of a winning streak, but we continue on!  I am able to feed Boogie three of his five daily feedings, the other two we supplement with formula.  I'll admit, I felt really guilty at first, even shameful to be seen buying formula. In the long run though, I think this has been good for both of us. It still allows us to bond, but gives us both a little independence as well. A little formula never hurt anyone now, did it? :)

Last week we referred to Boogie as 'the slug' in regards to his crawling technique.  I'm happy to announce he is now officially a crawler, with perfect form I might add!  A few days ago I decided it was time to pull out the video camera so we could catch some of his slug-like moves on film.  As soon as I turned the darn thing on, Boogie pushed right up onto all fours and started crawling like a pro! He's been going non-stop since. Although, sometimes he does get going a little too fast for his own good and belly face flops.

Boogie is one strong boy and has discovered how to pull himself up onto everything.  In just the last week we have had to remove the mobile and bumpers from his crib and lower his mattress a few notches. It seems now he would prefer to stand than sit. Goal for this week: completely baby proof this house!

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  1. Great job! Keep putting him there and keep drinking that water. There isn't any reason that you can't continue to phase out the formula. Keep up the great work. :)