Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the end of a winning streak...

It seems as if one of my worries about our 5 days away has come true; the breastfeeding is coming to an end.

Boogie and I have been so lucky. From the very beginning he took to it like a pro and we had no bumps in the road along the way.  Before he was born I set two goals for myself in regards to breast feeding
   1. EBF (exclusively breastfeed) for six months. No solids, No formula, just EBF. And that I would try anything and everything to try to meet that goal......accomplished!
   2. Continue BF until he is 1 year old....possible fail....

Pumping has never been very effective for me. While I was stock piling milk in preparation for our big trip, I was noticing it was becoming more and more difficult each time. At first I was able to get a full bottle from one side, then it took both sides, then it took multiple session just to get one bottle's worth.... So, I was starting to worry that being away from him for 5 days would kill my supply completely. Well, that concern seems to be coming true...

The last couple days Boogie was getting progressively cranky. First I thought, maybe it was time for that first tooth...nope.  Then I thought, maybe it's gas/constipation/etc....nope.  After trying lots of things, I finally decided to try a bottle.....he chugged that thing like I've never seen before; 5oz bottle in 10 seconds flat! Even though he had been feeding for the same amount of time, he apparently was not getting enough milk....bad mommy was starving the poor kid!! I felt horrible!!

So, I guess this is the beginning of the end; it's time to wean.  And when I say wean, I mean for mommy's sake, not Boogie's.  He's totally fine with just taking a bottle, it's mommy that's really going to miss it.
Such a big boy!

see...he's a pro!

I hope to be able to BF him his bedtime feeding until he's a year. That feeding has always been just to 'top him off' to make it through the night and to calm him down and get ready for bed.  It's a special mommy/baby bonding time that I'm really not ready to let go of yet. So, fingers crossed that these boobies can at least handle that!!

I'm definitely feeling like a little bit of a failure right now.  Everything had been going so great in this aspect. I knew this day would have to come eventually, but I thought I would have more time to get used to the idea.  I really feel like a sports team at the end of a winning streak...


  1. A dip in supply does not mean that you have to quit or cut back. If you really want to continue, then continue putting Boogie to the breast. The more he demands, the more you will supply. I promise!

    Most babies will take a bottle, no matter how full their tummies are. If you truly think he is still hungry after a session, try giving him one ounce of milk. Instead of waiting 3 hours (or whatever time) for the next feed, shorten the wait. Go 2.5 hours instead, followed by one ounce in the bottle. The more he is there, the more you will make.

    You can do it! Keep drinking water as well. You can also find lactation teas or cookies. (Look at Whole Foods.) Your doctor can also prescribe medication to increase supply. Or you can also add in a pumping session. Nursing doesn't have to end!

  2. My Vegas trip got me too. And I agree with what Audrey said, the more you feed, the more you make. A friend explained it like an ice maker. The more ice you get, the more the maker will create:0) Yes we're ice makers!!