Wednesday, May 2, 2012

T is for...

No, this picture does not really belong as a part of a 'photography' blog.  It's horrible; it was taken spur of the moment (horrible flash and all) with my little Powershot that has definitely seen better days! But, it's everything that this picture represents that makes it blog-worthy.

This was not only our first pajama tea-party, but this was the first time C-Monk was able to sit up on her own and actually interact and play with her big brother and I'm so thankful that I was there to enjoy it!

Driving home from a playdate yesterday I heard this song on the radio: "Don't Miss Your Life" by Phil Vassar. It finally put into words all the reasons why I wanted to leave my career and stay home with my kiddos.

Yes, I had a great career.  I went through 7 years of college/grad school and landed what I might actually call my 'dream job.' I was making a difference, building a great program and making a name for myself in my industry. But, when we got pregnant with Boogie, all of a sudden, none of that really seemed to matter.

What matters now is that I get to be there for all those moments.  Those moments you don't get back and pass way too quickly.  I'm so thankful that J was ready and willing to support me through this;  giving up a great career for, yes, pajama tea parties!  I know there's plenty of people out there who don't (and will never) understand this.  People who don't "approve." But, all that matters is that my children will never feel like I missed their lives. No, it's not easy.  It's stressful, exhausting and (just ask my hubby) it makes me really grouchy some days! But, I couldn't be happier to do it!

To top it off, I'm so thankful that J's career can not only support our family, but also allows him the flexibility to also be there. Maybe not for all the pajama tea parties, but definitely for all the big stuff (and some of the little stuff).

Yes, eventually I'll get back out there and join the "traditional" working world again in some form, but for now....I'm busy enjoying my life!

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