Sunday, April 8, 2012

P, Q, R is for...

Peaceful, Quiet, Relaxation....

Yes, I'm cheating. Three letters in one post! But, when I went to match up some vacation pictures with alphabet letters, they all seemed to fall under one of these three words!

When J qualified for this round of trips (back in September) we knew that with an almost two year old and a new baby that we would be ready for a peaceful, quiet, relaxing trip.  Looking through the book of options for trip destinations we kept going back to the idea of Argentina. I mean, come on! That's a trip of a lifetime (just like New Zealand was last year!). But, a trip like that means getting up early, coming home late....lots and lots of site seeing.  And, we knew, come March/April, we wouldn't have the energy for a trip like that! So, Barbados it was! (sad that Barbados is our "fallback" trip, right?)

Peaceful, quiet and relaxing are the perfect adjectives to describe this trip.  A "mostly" inclusive resort on a paradise island....doesn't get much better than that! We said from the get-go that we weren't signing up for the plethora of optional activities. Our plan: sleep late, drink daiquiris on the beach, soak in the sun and repeat...for 7 straight days! We were pretty successful in completing our mission. Add in a quick shopping trip downtown Bridgetown, a few KU basketball games (Rock Chalk! Final Four baby!), a couples massage, delicious food and an amazing service project (more to come in the next post) and that was our vacation! Perfect. Exactly what we needed. But, while it was Heaven on earth for a week, I was anxious to get home to my pride and joys!

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