Thursday, May 5, 2011


Since he was about 3 months, Boogie has been blabbering and making noises that sound like words, but obviously in no sort of context.  Over time those noises became more definite and he was able to say 'mama' and 'dada,' but again, not as if he were calling either of us that or asking for us, just as more blabbering.

BUT, over the last month Boogie has learned what I would consider his first word!  He can now say and wave "bye bye!"  If you say "bye bye" to him or wave or even if he hears it on TV he'll stop what he's doing, look up and wave and say "buh bye." I think he about gave the clerk at the grocery store a heart attack the other day.  She was 'baby talking' to him on our way out and then told him bye-bye. Clear as day he returned the "buh bye!" She looked at me in shock and said "he just say bye-bye, did he just say bye-bye, oh my gosh, you just said bye-bye!" It's become our cute little party-trick.  Anytime we leave a store or the doctor's office, we have to say "buh bye" (usually about 20 times because everyone calls all the other workers and friends over to hear the little munchkin say 'buh bye'). Ha! He's such a flirt already...

Speaking of doctor's offices....We had Pumpkin's 15 week check up yesterday.  All went well; heart rate was 150s and you could hear the little nugget moving all over the place.  We scheduled our gender u/s for May 23rd! I was so excited to get it so soon! Our CNM is going out of town and was originally going to have us wait until she got back before we had the u/s (would have been around June 8th!!). I think she saw how anxious I was and let me go ahead and schedule it for right before she leaves instead!! I'll be just past 18 weeks, so here's to hoping Pumpkin shows his/her goods so he/she can stop being referred to as "it!"

That's it for now...."buh-bye!"

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