Friday, April 1, 2011

Version 2.0...

If you haven't heard, Boogie has some news to share....

Yep! He's going to be a big brother! Version 2.0 is due this October! This family is joining in on the baby boom of 2011 :)

Below is a recap of our journey so far:

2/16:  As with Boogie, we're keeping this a family secret for a little bit. We got our BFP on Friday, 2/11.  It came as a little bit of a shock.  We had said when we got pregnant with Boogie that we wanted to have our kids close together. Well, we got our wish! The kiddos will about about 16 months apart; talk about 2 under 2!! We were planning to have a few more months, but God has his own plans :)

Most of the initial shock has worn off and now we couldn't be more excited! As of right now (2/16), we still don't have a due date!  As you know, I am still BF Boogie and thus Aunt Flow never came back for a visit, which is nice, but makes determining conception a little tricky. We had our first appointment today.  Our CNM said my uterus seemed to be measuring about 5 weeks and thus thought it was a little early for an u/s.  It is scheduled for 3/2.  I guess it's good that we're keeping this little nugget a secret for now because it would be awkward to answer the question "when are you due" with "oh, I don't know...."

3/2: We had our u/s today and finally have a due date! Looks like Version 2.0 will make it's debut around October 22nd....just before my 30th birthday! It was weird to see such a small little nugget.  We didn't get to see Boogie until we were 20 weeks along so this time was much different!

3/30: We had our third appointment today and finally got to hear the heart beat.  We saw the little flicker on the u/s last time, but there's still something special about hearing that "wah wah wah wah" for the first time :) We were going to wait until the end of the first trimester to let the secret out, but we don't go back to the doctor for 5 more weeks and it might be a little hard to hide at that point! So, we started telling our family tonight :)

4/1: All of our parents & grandparents have been told so now it's time to make it 'facebook official!' It's funny how this makes it all real now.  J said the other night after telling our parents "so, I guess you're really pregnant now, huh?" ha!!


  1. CONGRATS, Courtney & Jason! I'm so envious- I'd LOVE to have an October baby! How exciting for you- you guys sure will have your hands full! Yeah for babies!!! :)

  2. Grammy just read your blog and started crying tears of joy. I like you was wondering if it might be too soon but as you said God has his own schedule sometimes no matter what we plan. Can't wait to see the 'little boogie'.