Thursday, December 23, 2010

the everyday...

Sometimes it amazes me how fate you get that reminder of what life is really about just at the moment you need it most.

Just yesterday I was stressing (and blogging) about making sure Boogie has the perfect Christmas. Then today, a friend shared an article that basically put me in my place. It brought me back to reality.

I need to stop stressing about making sure Boogie's Christmas experience is exactly how I remember Christmas always being. His Christmas experience will be magical because it's HIS experience. That Christmas is just one day of the year. That what is truly important is the everyday tradition; the everyday experiences and memories. Why I let myself get wrapped up in the hype, I don't know.

The everyday is exactly the reason I decided to become a stay-at-home mom. Another wise friend said that Boogie "will have amazing memories because he has amazing parents;" and to me that is what truly matters.  That I strive everyday to show him how much I love him. The laughs, the snuggles, even the tears....the everyday.....

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