Saturday, November 6, 2010

the spoon...

To spoon or not to spoon: that is one of the big 'mommy wars' questions.

Yes, the great debate on when to start solids.  As you may remember from some of my previous posts, I'm not one to join in on the mommy battle.  I know what's best for our familly and my little Boogie and I respect all the other mommies on knowing what's best for their clan.

From the beginning, the plan for Boogie was to exclusively breastfeed(BF) for six months.  In my eyes, for our family, it's what is best; the benefits are just too great to consider anything else. We were lucky that, from the very first try, Boogie took to it like a pro and has continued to stay on his growth track with breast milk alone.

That being said, at Boogie's 4 month check-up, his doctor told us, if we wanted to begin introducing solids, that Boogie might be ready.  Not as a substitue for BF or even a supplement to BF, but just to begin introducing the idea of the spoon. We decided to go ahead and try, starting with rice cereal as recommended by his doctor.  As I suspected, he's definitely not ready for the spoon as a means of nutrition yet, BUT the experience, did make for some pretty cute pictures.....

excited for something new!    

the spoon!!
what the?


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