Tuesday, December 27, 2011

25 Days: HH Style, a recap...

I promised many of you that I would create a 'master list' of our 25 Days activities so you could steal some ideas...well, here she is:

Day 1: Color Christmas Pictures
Day 2: Go to Holiday Luminary Walk
Day 3: Make an Ornament
Day 4: Write a Letter to Santa
Day 5: Go to Playgroup Christmas Party
Day 6: Eat Breakfast for Dinner
Day 7: Watch a Christmas Movie
Day 8: Make an Ornament
Day 9: Make Christmas Presents
Day 10: Dress up in Silly Clothes
Day 11: Go to Church Children's Musical
Day 12: Have a Christmas Music Dance Party
Day 13: Make S'mores in the Fireplace
Day 14: Read Christmas Books
Day 15: Bake Cookies
Day 16: Make Holiday Milkshakes
Day 17: Visit Santa
Day 18: Take Family Photos by the Tree
Day 19: Write a Thank You Letter to God
Day 20: Watch a Christmas Movie
Day 21: Drive and Look at Lights
Day 22: Make Reindeer Food
Day 23: Bake Cookies
Day 24: Go to Christmas Eve Service
Day 25: Merry Christmas!

Overall, I think our first annual 25 Days: HH Style was a success! There are some of the above activities that will always be a part of our 25 Days, but as the kids get older, other activities will change.  I look forward to including some service activities for us to do as a family.

We are blessed to have such great family.  Both kiddos were spoiled rotten this Christmas (now Santa needs to bring us a bigger house so we have somewhere to put it all!!)! It was so exciting to see Boogie start to understand a little bit and I can't wait till next year when both kiddos will really be able to participate in the season (C-Monk pretty much slept through her whole first Christmas).

I feel really inspired by our 25 Days blog project.  Before, I struggled to figure out what to write about, but now I feel like there's so much to tell!! I hope that I can stay inspired through the New Year and will be able to update more often.  I'll share recipes and DIY projects we try and, of course, update you on the crazy HH world!

But, first....I must figure out how to clean up this explosion of Christmas that was our living room....

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